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Lockdown 3
By Jon
28th April 2020
Week 6 – Distance learning begins

We’re 5 weeks into lockdown and I’ve recently been reflecting on my own unique distance learning experience. I teach in a Berkshire based Independent Secondary School where I head up the PE and Sports department. Whilst a number of my friends and colleagues who teach in the UK and abroad, primary and secondary education have…

Student goal setting lockdown
By Jon
27th April 2020
How student goal setting can get your teen through Lockdown

With the world going into another week of lockdown, we thought we would offer some simple student goal setting tips on how to deal with stress and improve your student well being. Some worrying recent studies on the mental health effect of quarantine in China and Italy show that up to 37% of the people…

Student wellbeing and covid19
By Jon
22nd April 2020
How can lessons learnt through the Holocaust help Student Wellbeing in the covid19 crisis

So who is Viktor Frankl and what does he have to do with COVID19 and student wellbeing? He was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist who rose to notoriety through the lessons he learnt and passed on through his time spent in concentration camps during the second world war.  His experiences led him to write the…

Life on Time Podcast front cover
By Jon
22nd April 2020
Introduction to the Life on Time Become Inspired Podcast Series

Welcome to Life on time’s Become Inspired podcast. We hope you enjoy being here and go away with tools that can help you and your student personal development and wellbeing. Our become inspired blog aims are to; Give helpful advice on wellbeing and personal development for students, teachers and parents. Be fun, but serious with…