Diary of a teacher in Lockdown

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Lockdown 3
By Jon
22nd January 2021
Teacher in Lockdown 3

We can’t quite believe we are sending another one of these out there but we felt it was needed. Check out our teacher in lockdown group on facebook to share your stories and how you are coping in Lockdown 3. If you are concerned about staff or student wellbeing at your school we have an…

teacher in lockdown - back to school
By Jon
23rd September 2020
Teacher in lockdown – Jez back to school in uncertain times

With these uncertain times upon us again, Jez wanted to share his thoughts with other teachers out there who are back to school. Please get involved on our facebook group Teachers in Lockdown

Lockdown 3
By Jon
3rd July 2020
Teacher in Lockdown – my final post…

With it being my final week at school and lockdown finally easing across the UK, I feel it’s the right time to make this my final post in the teacher in lockdown diary. I hope everyone who has watched the videos has found it as therapeutic as me, but I doubt it! Keep an eye…

First day back at school
By Jon
19th June 2020
Teacher in Lockdown – First day back at school

So all the way through this weird pandemic time warp, I’ve been harping on about being stuck at home, teaching into a laptop, looking back at my own face, wondering if anyone can hear me, cares, is actually following along with workouts and sessions or if I’m just going totally mad! Well this week there…

teachers in lockdown
By Jon
12th June 2020
Week 12 of Teachers in Lockdown

More teacher insights from week 12 of Teachers in Lockdown, a positive Covid19 test and more uncertainty of when they will teach again… Please share your story on our Teachers in lockdown Facebook group.

teacher in lockdown - back to school
By Jon
5th June 2020
Teacher in Lockdown – Week 11

Find out how Jez got on in Teacher in Lockdown – week 11. We really want teachers around the world to get involved and share their thoughts and stories on how being a teacher in lockdown has affected them. Whether you are back to school or distance learning please join our face book group TEACHERS…

By Jon
22nd May 2020
Teacher in Lockdown – Video Diary – Week 9

This week Jez’s teacher in Lockdown diary is via video – we thought this would be more engaging for our audience. Hear how he got on in week 9 below….

By Jon
15th May 2020
Week 8 and day 52 of a Teacher in lockdown…

I’m writing this as a Teacher in Lockdown – day 52! As I make the joke “day 52 in the big brother house” in my best possible jordie accent to my year 10 Core PE class once more (as I am becoming accustomed to), I’m greeted by silence… Fair enough in this case and I…

Lock down learning
By Jon
10th May 2020
Week 7- Teacher in Lockdown

Week 7 of a teacher in lockdown complete and what a different week in my world to last week. For no clear and apparent reason everything felt harder this week. That’s life I guess. The pre-lockdown world too had its ups and downs and perhaps that’s all it is. From the moment I logged in…

Lockdown 3
By Jon
28th April 2020
Week 6 – Distance learning begins

We’re 5 weeks into lockdown and I’ve recently been reflecting on my own unique distance learning experience. I teach in a Berkshire based Independent Secondary School where I head up the PE and Sports department. Whilst a number of my friends and colleagues who teach in the UK and abroad, primary and secondary education have…