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Step 1 - Teacher Details

Upload your teacher's name/s, class/s and email address/s. If you don't have the full list of names don't worry you can add/remove more later.

Class Name Teacher Name Teacher Email
JBL Joe Bloggs

Download Excel TemplateDownload

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Step 2 - Student Details

Upload your student's names, classes and email addresses. If you don't have these or you would prefer to try the platform yourself first, simply re-upload the teacher spreadsheet again here.

Name Email Address Class Name Year Group
Sarah Smith JBL 7

Download Excel TemplateDownload

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Step 3 - Personalisation

Upload your logo - ideally this will have a transparent background and be in PNG or EPS format. If you don't have the correct one to hand you can change this after set-up.

And add your school colours (if you know them):

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Step 4 - Data Protection and our service agreement with you

We take the protection of school data extremely seriously, so before we proceed, we need you to read and agree with our Terms of use and our Privacy Policy. Life on Time asks that customers store or print-off a copy of these Agreements (including all policies) for their records here.

It normally takes us 24-48 hours to set you up on the platform. Once set up we will contact you to let you know it's ready and to show you how to use it.