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Parents Matter – with Dr Bear

Dr Bear and Jez discuss how parents may be feeling since lockdown ended and how they could help their children transition back to school. #parentsmatter Find out how we can help support whole school wellbeing at your school with youHQ

Teachers Matter – with Dr Bear

In this Teachers matter podcast, Dr Bear and Jez talk openly about how teachers can balance being physically back at school with looking after themselves and their wellbeing. #teachersmatter Find out how we can help support whole school wellbeing at your school with youHQ

Why wellbeing training for teachers and parents is priority in Hong Kong

In our latest episode we speak to Jason Broderick from Discovery Bay international school, in Hong Kong.  He describes why wellbeing training for teachers and parents is so important and how all teachers at the school have been trained in wellbeing. Jason is a qualified psychologist and gives incredible insight into the groundbreaking wellbeing strategies…

Pro-active strategies to support whole school wellbeing

In this episode we speak with Elena Dundjerovic, Assistant headteacher from the Beaumont school.  Elena gives great insight into the pro-strategies she has used and will be using this term to support whole school wellbeing.  She talks about how the school learnt lessons from the first lockdown and have pro-actively implemented new strategies to help…