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Latest from our blog

Lockdown – a child’s perspective

In this episode Jon speaks with Leo from LTA psychology.   Leo gives 4 Tips to help you get through Lockdown – Leo is only 11 years old and has used the Lockdown’s to create his own psychology YouTube channel called LTA psychology.  He gives insight and perspective into what it’s like to be child during lockdown…

Calm your mind in 5 with this simple breathing technique

In this 5 minute episode we will be sharing a breathing technique to help you calm your mind which is used by the navy seals to help them stay calm and focused in tense situations. Focusing on our breathing is the simplest and most natural way to calm our mind and body. With practice this…

Financial wellbeing tips for teachers

With the latest news of pay freezes for teachers we thought it really important to touch on financial wellbeing.  We know finances can impact our wellbeing so in our latest podcast we speak to Ryan Briggs, Client Relationship Manager at Wronski Wealth Management and accredited specialist in financial education and wellbeing. Financial wellbeing is a state…

Movement & Mindfulness – Ep 8 – Build your core mobility

In this episode Jez works your core mobility muscles around your glutes and hip flexors. These are the main muscle groups which keep us mobile and the muscles that easily get tight. In this episode he gives some great tips on how to strengthen and flex the muscles which will help you keep mobile. If…