Teacher in Lockdown – First day back at school

So all the way through this weird pandemic time warp, I’ve been harping on about being stuck at home, teaching into a laptop, looking back at my own face, wondering if anyone can hear me, cares, is actually following along with workouts and sessions or if I’m just going totally mad!

Well this week there was a change. My school initially made the decision to inform all key stakeholders that we would not be re-opening until September. They then changed that decision in line with government guidelines to bring in some of the year 10 and 12 students to allow for something that reflects normal school life.

So this week, I had my first day back at school! I was in on Wednesday with two of my year 12 students (see the video on teaching them how to do double under skips) and on Thursday with some year 10 GCSE students.

Simply put, it was great to be in a different environment seeing different people. People I’ve seen through lockdown over google meet. For me, a very sociable animal, this is perhaps the thing I’ve missed the most and perhaps made me realise what I love most about teaching, other people! Actual people (not people stuck in a computer screen).