How mindfulness in lockdown can help you and your children

In this episode the team discuss their current experiences of the past week, Jez divulges how his first week of remote learning went and Dr bear gives insight about some of the NHS work he has been doing to help the doctors and nurses on the front line of the covid19 pandemic.  Dr Bear also explains how he is uses mindfulness in lockdown and gives Jez and Jon a few tips on how to do it and why its not all about sitting in down trying to relax, imagining you are on sunny beach!

We also have special guest from Calm for kids, Christiane Kerr who is an expert in both Kids Yoga and Mindfulness.  She gives us some really helpful tips for mindfulness in lockdown and how to get your students learning the skill.

For more information please read our full article on Mindfulness for children or watch our video below on Mindfulness for children in the pandemic.