9 tips for developing child leadership skills

To create a life that is fulfilled and meaningful requires the ability to engage, influence and inspire other human beings.  Teaching a child leadership skills is beneficial in enabling them to become a responsible member of the community, successful in what they want to do and help them create a support network around them.

Are leaders born leaders?

The question that is often asked is can leadership be trained or ‘are leaders born leaders?’.  This question has been researched extensively and research has found the below common traits were displayed by leaders ; 

Some more recent research has also focused on a set of competencies which have been important in determining leadership success, which has focused on the role of emotional intelligence (Justin, Di Giulia 2014).  The basic four competencies of emotional intelligence for leadership are;

This way of looking at leadership, builds in the skills that deal with our own emotions as an integral part of how we then perform as a leader.  As a result a new theory for leadership is now more commonly looked at when looking at leadership training which combines the leadership traits list with emotional intelligence, called Emotional Intelligent Leadership (Allen 2012). 

So, can you teach a child leadership skills?

So, back to our original question.  Can you improve or build child leadership skills or are leaders born leaders? And secondly if we want to be teach child leadership skills, how can I do it? The answer to the first question is that leadership is in fact a skill and like with all skills they can be learnt.  A study by Goldsmith in 2009 showed that people who received training showed significant improvement in their leadership quality.  So, you can train a child leadership skills.

9 tips to help teach a child leadership skills 

Much of the advice in this article can be instilled into children via either a teacher or parent modelling these behaviors. It’s important for us all to be self aware and notice if we are ourselves are displaying these qualities before trying to teach them to our children.

At life on time our aim is to inspire a generation into becoming kind, healthy and fulfilled human beings and we believe teaching a child leadership skills is key to making them capable of achieving this.  Our platform can help your school build child leadership into their curriculum.  To find out how click here.

Written by Jon Ford